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SETSCI - Volume (2018)
ISAS 2018 - Ist International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Scientific Studies, Kemer-Antalya, Turkey, Apr 11, 2018

Dye Of Waste Tae Extract Wıth Mordant-Varnısh And The Effect Of Color Changes On Wood (ISAS 2018_97)
Abdi Atılgan1, Hüseyin Tan2, Hatice Ulusoy3*, Nurgül Ay4, Hüseyin Peker5
1Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Afyon MYO Mobilya ve Dekorasyon Bölümü, Afyon, Turkey
2Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Rize Vocational School, Program of Furniture and Decoration, Rize, Turkey
3Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversitesi Köyceğiz MYO Ormancılık ve Orman Ürünleri Bölümü, Muğla, Turkey
4Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Orman Fakültesi, Orman Endüstri Mühendisliği , Trabzon, Turkey
5Artvin Çoruh Üniversitesi Orman Fakültesi Orman Endüstri Mühendisliği Bölümü , Artvin, Turkey
* Corresponding author: hatice.tirasulusoy@gmail.com
Published Date: 2018-06-23   |   Page (s): 103-103   |    124     6

ABSTRACT This study aimed to develop natural dyes for wood material that are harmless to humans and the environment. For this purpose, a tea stain and polyurethane single- and double-component water based varnish were applied by brush on the wood surfaces of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), beech (Fagus orientalis L.), fir (Abies), and poplar (Populus sp. L.). The color change (i.e., ΔL, Δa, Δb) and total color change (ΔE) of the samples was determined based on the ISO 2470 standard. According to experimental results, the highest color brightness change (Δl: -52.49) was seen in pine wood with tea dye, the highest red color change (Δa: 11.50) was seen in pine wood with tea dye+water-based varnish, and the highest yellow color change (Δb: 97.19) was seen in fir wood with tea dye+borax. The highest value of total color change (ΔE: 99.512) addition of borax fir wood in tea dye is obtained. Developed tea extract to waste paint, furniture processing industry has the aesthetic appearance of surface processes can be used.
KEYWORDS Tea extract, furniture industry, natural dyes, surface coating, environmental

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