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Nurcan Bilgili Güngör1*
1Amasya University, Amasya, Turkey
* Corresponding author:

Presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Scientific Studies (ISAS2018-Winter), Samsun, Turkey, Nov 30, 2018

SETSCI Conference Proceedings, 2018, 3, Page (s): 313-316 ,

Published Date: 31 December 2018    | 519     10


In 1996 Kada, Suzuki and Takahashi defined the w-distance mappings on metric
spaces and they proved fixed point theorems for w-distances. In 2008 Homidan, Ansari and Yao
gave the Q-functions on quasi-metric space and they generalized the main results of Kada et
al., since every w-distance is a Q-function. In 2011 Marin, Romaguera and Tirado introduced
the generalization of Q-functions to T0 quasipseudometric spaces and they gave a new fixed
point theorem for T0 quasipseudometric spaces by using Bianchini-Grandolfi gauge functions.
In this paper the generalization of fixed point theorems for multivalued maps via Q-functions
on complete T0 quasipseudometric spaces are investigated. Also, the conclusions related to
previous theorems in this field are given.  

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