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SETSCI - Volume 5(1) (2022)
ISAS2022 - 5th International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Smart Technologies, Online, Turkey, May 28, 2022

Bidirectional Active Rectifier Phase Lock Loop Software Design for More Electric Aircraft
İ. Ethem Demiralay1*, A. Faruk Bakan2
1Avionics Engineering MSc. at Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey
2Electrical Engineering Department, Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey
* Corresponding author:
Published Date: 2022-06-01   |   Page (s): 19-23   |    391     19

ABSTRACT The next generation aircraft will be operated first with hybrid technology and then with purely electric technology, just like in the automobile industry. More electric aircraft concepts today have brought about a reorganization of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. Power electronics technology plays a key role in connecting new electrical loads to the new aircraft electrical power system. One of the most important tasks of power electronics circuits in MEA is to convert aircraft variable frequency AC voltage to DC voltage of different level. Converters that perform the task are commonly known as "rectifiers". The aim of this study is to develop the grid synchronization code for a bidirectional three-phase active rectifier,
which can meet the advanced requirements of more electric aircraft applications using digital signal processors. In order to test the developed code on a real microcontroller, hardware in the loop (HiL) test was carried out.
KEYWORDS Embedded software, More electric aircraft, Power electronics, Power factor correction
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