Peer Review

All proposals for proceedings to be published in proceedings book are first evaluated by a scientific evaluation committee consisting of senior researchers in the relevant field. If accepted, the peer review process for the individual articles within each proceedings book is under the responsibility of the conference organizers and the editors appointed by the program committee of the conference, who are committed to conducting the peer review in line with international scientific standards. Reviewers should be instructed to assess the quality of submissions solely based on the academic merit of their content including but not limited to the following dimensions:

  • Is the topic relevant to the symposium area of interest? Is it contemporary and interesting for researchers?
  • Are all required components included in the abstract? Are the keywords appropriately chosen?
  • Is the goal explicitly stated in the Introduction? Is its formulation clear and unambiguous?
  • Is the paper´s structure coherent? Is it in coherence with the goal of the paper?
  • Are methods the author uses adequate and well used?
  • Is it related to the results presented before? Do you consider them as coherent?
  • Does the author utilize relevant literature?
  • What is the level of author´s knowledge? Does he/she utilize all recent contributions relevant to the topic?
  • Is the length of the paper adequate to the significance of the topic? Do you suggest shortening the paper without losing its value?
  • Does the author use them suitably? Are legend and notations clear?
  • Is it clear and understandable?
  • The originality of the work and its contribution to the field?

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